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History & Location
Åkers Krutbruk has an extensive and unique heritage. From a maker of industrial gunpowder to an engineer  of advanced protection. We´ve come a long way.
Photographer unknown. Workers from 1890s and test-shooting of gunpowder.

In the year 1552, King Gustav Vasa decreed that gunpowder was to be manufactured in Sweden. There were several reasons for choosing the township of Åkers as a production site: it had a navigable waterway for transportation, water power was available, and there was a forest nearby–which was handy for producing charcoal. And so Åkers Krutbruk was established.



The manufacture of gunpowder for the Swedish army and navy commenced a few years later, and continued for 450 years.

Private individuals were commissioned to run Åkers Krutbruk until 1889, when ownership was returned to the state. The period of expansion and modernisation which followed included a complete production overhaul: from manufacturing black powder to producing a new, smokeless, nitrocellulose propellant in 1894.


In the year 1943 the company was bought by FFV - Försvarets Fabriksverk. Certain areas of the business were developed–such as the marketing of leading gun-grease and oil, gas masks, body armour vests and nerve tickets.

Gun-grease 101 by Åkers Krutbruk

Åkers Krutbruk Protection AB became privately-owned again in 1981. An extensive modernisation, including the automation of different processes and a company-wide quality control system, made Åkers Krutbruk the leader of protection products and system throughout Sweden.


In 2003, Åkers Krutbruk Protection AB was acquired by the IBD Deisenroth Engineering Group in Germany.


By 2008, the IBD family had become an international technology leader in the area of survivability systems. The extensive R&D work they’ve pursued for many years provides customers around the world with advanced high-tech solutions.


In 2010, CEO Niclas Sahlgren bought 49 % of Åkers Krutbruk Protection AB from the IBD Deisenroth Engineering Group.


Since the summer 2012 Mr. Ulf Deisenroth  is the 100% owner of Åkers Krutbruk Protection AB. By this the cooperation between IBD Group and Åkers Krutbruk Protection AB became even tighter.


During 2012 Mr. Peter Servin was appointed as Chief Executive Officer.


Photo by: Labe Allwin
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